September 12, 2023


Inventivity Update: A Cade Prize Announcement

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Richard Miles James Di Virgilio
Inventivity Update: A Cade Prize Announcement
The Inventivity Pod
Inventivity Update: A Cade Prize Announcement

Sep 12 2023 | 00:05:10


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Today, Inventivity Pod Host Richard Miles brings us an Inventivity Update! Join him as he congratulates the finalists of the 2023 Cade Prize. 

The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention hosts the annual Cade Prize for Innovation. Which, since 2010 has been Florida’s premier Innovation prize. And this year, 2023, has become a national prize with an overall purse of $100,000.   

Join us next time for the continuation of our Hope for the Future series!  

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Episode Transcript

Richard Miles 00:00:01 Inventivity, what does it mean? The state of being inventive, creating, or designing new things or thoughts. Hello, I'm Richard Miles. Welcome to the Inventivity Pod. Join us as we speak to inventors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who are using Inventivity to change the world. They'll bring us alongside their journey as they share their personal stories from start to finish, including the triumphs, the failures, and everything in between. Richard Miles 00:00:32 Hello, I'm Richard Miles and today we're gonna be taking a short break from our Hope for the Future series to share with you something very exciting an Inventivity update. As our audience knows, the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention hosts the annual Cade Prize for Innovation, which since 2010 has been Florida's Premier Innovation Prize. Well, this year in 2023 we decide to make it a national prize. We're very pleased with the results. In the first year, about a third of our entries came from outside of Florida and that represents 14 states in total. So very pleased with that initial outcome. We also raised the prize purse from $50,000 to $100,000 and uh, half of that will be going to our category prize winners. We've established five subcategories for the Cade prize. So we've completed the first two rounds of judging and very excited to announce that we have this year's Final five. Richard Miles 00:01:25 Uh, so as I mentioned, each one of those winners will get $10,000 in cash, and then they will also be eligible for the grand prize of $50,000, which we'll announce in Gainesville, Florida on September the 28th. So without further ado, let me announce our Cade Prize Final Five. In the healthcare and biomedical category the winner is Ryan Meyers with CranioSense out of Boston, Massachusetts. CranioSense is a non-invasive medical device for initial diagnosis and continuous monitoring of intercranial hypertension, which is essentially swelling in the brain. The Cade Prize for Energy winner is Siddharth Pannir with Adaptive Hydro out of Somerville, Massachusetts. Adaptive Hydro is a way to electrify non-powered dams across the United States. In other words, existing dams that do not currently generate any power. The Cade Prize for Agriculture and Environmental Technologies is David Pham with Terra Pave out of Austin, Texas. Terra Pave offers environmentally friendly replacements for concrete and asphalt roads, pavements, parking lots, and other hard services. In the IT and tech category, Richard Miles 00:02:35 The winner is Tolga Ercan with a smart traffic sign out of Orlando, Florida. The smart traffic sign is a system of vision-based communication for vehicles using QR codes. And finally, in the wild card category, the Cade Prize winner is Lina Gonzalez with SpadxTech out of Worcester, Massachusetts. SpadxTech offers an alternative leather material that could be produced using less energy and in chemicals, thus reducing emissions. So very big congratulations to our Final five this year, but we still wanna take a moment and recognize all the other impressive 21 semi-finalists who competed this year with a record number of applicants and these finalists were really able to stand apart. So in alphabetical order, are remaining 21 finalists Mia Anderton with Glowby Light Bulbs. Dylan Davis with Locus Vision. Raj Gautam with Analyz. Forrest Gauthier with Blue 71. John Gradek with Phosflow Pellets. Scott Jewtt with Dual Axis Wind Turbine. Paolo Cezar Lopez with 2000 watt Rapid Wireless power transmission system. Richard Miles 00:03:38 Charles McGee with Magnetic and Osmotic Inner Tube. Warren Marcus with Curative Therapeutics for Type one Diabetes. Sarah Ostadabbas with AiWover. David Ostrov with Lactovid. Chuck Phillips with Nanoparticle Scintillators. Alexandre Titov with Extended Reality Art Studio. Jordan Sand with Happy Scratch. Quantum Wei with Batch Reverse Osmosis. And finally, John Wilcox with Smart Fusion. So that's gonna be it for this Inventivity update. To stay up to date with the Cade Prize and hear the announcement of the Grand Prize itself on September 28th, please head over to Sign up for our newsletter. If you'd like to attend that ceremony, we'd love to have you. Uh, you can find information on tickets and the program itself, also at So be on the lookout for some of the names we mentioned today in future episodes. And be sure to join us for the next episode, the continuation of our Hope for the Future series. James Di Virgilio 00:04:33 The Inventivity Pod is produced by the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention located in Gainesville, Florida. Richard Miles and me, James Di Virgilio are your podcast hosts. Podcasts are recorded at the Heartwood Sound stage in Gainesville and edited and mixed by Rob Rothschild. Be sure to subscribe to the Inventivity Pod wherever you get your podcast, and leave a comment or review to let us know how we're doing. Until next time, be inventive.

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